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Models Made to Measure




Taking into account the needs of the health services, as defined in workshops by specialized sanitary personnel, we have created a new generation of trolleys with exceptional value in functionality and durability. Medtrolley is the final result of our R&D efforts.

   Applying technology and design we manage to satisfy the most demanding needs of the medical - sanitary personnel.

   Design your own trolley “made-to-measure”. Some of the accessories you can add on: IV pole, swivel monitor shelf, electrical feeding plug, catheter tube holder, cardiac massage board, transparent dispenser boxes of different sizes, drawer dividers, among many others.

   The main characteristic of the medtrolley is its multifunctional extruded profile, that gives an important capability of adaptation to the specific needs of its working  environment. Therefore, it is possible to place trays or shelves, introduce structures for IV poles, incorporate apparatus, etc. The configuration of the profile offers an endless number of possibilities of service.

   Medtrolley also incorporates three different sizes of drawers that can be combined in a way that provide an important capacity of storage for each application.

    Both the profiles and the top tray of the medtrolley are created through a technology that offers great hardiness. Its design has been focused to attain the maximum functionality, giving new capabilities to the product.




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